Programming 2013-2014
Friday, September 27th, 8 pm and Saturday, September 28th, 4 pm

 todd shalom | elastic city (montreal)

Curator : Aseman Sabet

Initiated and directed by New York artist Todd Shalom, Elastic City aims to make the public an active part of performative walks in order to generate unexpected and poetic encounters with the places we live in and visit. Using a pre-mapped itinerary, the artist deploys visual, auditory and tactile techniques in public space to engage participants in a multisensorial work that escapes the established categories, or any given discipline. The walk, however, is "site specific walks", as it cannot be replicated in another location without significantly altering the work.

Conceived as brief performative narratives that are experienced with small group, Shalom’s walks are constructed with a fair amount of intuition and influenced by his immediate surrounding. The artist goes on a series of informal walks around a neighborhood to take its pulse. From there, he gathers information and solidifies a conceptual framework to plan a route. Next, various poetic responses are planned for the participants. These might include gestural or ritualistic actions. Participants might make monuments with their bodies in response to the monuments in public space or create a visual poem from objects they find on the street.

For Elastic City’s Montreal debut, Todd Shalom will work in the Mile-End neighbourhood, home to CLARK Gallery. What will define this project in Montreal will be the emphasis on the sense of "touch," not in traditional sensorial terms, but in its evocative psychological and emotional dimension: the artist aims to create a touching walk.

Over 60 artists been commissioned by Elastic City to lead walks in cities around the world including: New York, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, San Francisco and Buenos Aires. The organization has also partnered with a range of museums and local galleries, public gardens and universities to present its walks. CLARK Gallery hosts the Canadian debut of Elastic City and presents this newly commissioned walk by the founder/director of the project, Todd Shalom.

To join this Elastic City walk, we invite you to sign up by contacting Centre CLARK via or by phone at 514-288-4972. The walks will last approximately 90 minutes. They are free, but the capacity is limited to 12 participants/walk.

Walk 1 : Friday, Septembre 27th – 8 pm
Walk 2 : Saturday, Septembre 28th – 4 pm

Please note that both walks will depart from Centre CLARK (5455, avenue de Gaspé, #114) at the starting time listed above.